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Waterfront views - this is a "natural" waterfront with all the native plants and creatures that this infers.
Private Sitting Room
Garden view

  Fireplace - safe, easy and attractive
Walk-in closet
Cormorants in Spring
Winter view (1) of Portage Inlet
Winter view of Toad Hall 
Winter view (2) of Portage Inlet
Winter view (3) of Portage Inlet 

On this evening Bambi came visiting and found the peace and tranquility of the back garden irresistable
                      Self Catering means:

Wake up when it suits you and have the breakfast you prefer - I shop for you!

Foods provided for self-catering breakfast include:
bacon, eggs, fresh-ground coffee, tea, bread, butter, cereals and juices.
I will happily cater to personal requests - just fill in the special requests option on the reservation page.

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High-rise accommodation - sorry - for sparrows only!
Ratty, Badger and Toad would certainly recognize the "Wind in the Willows" on this day
A piliated woodpecker having its way with an old maple next door  - photo by Ron Soule.
View of Toad Hall from above
 - photo by 
Ron Soule
May Sunset from above -photo by Ron Soule
Nesting female Mute Swan - now the proud mother of 3 cygnets - photo by Ron Soule
A rare glimpse of an otter sunning itself on a  trail just across the water on Christie Point - photo by Ron Soule